Cultivating The Art of Nature

Artistic Landscape Design and Maintenance

Are you looking for unique artistic outdoor landscape design in the Waco, Texas area? The Noonday Gardens Team is the best choice in Waco for a your planters, pots or landscaping beds. From detailed maintenance to full design, Noonday can help you create a space for your home or business that truly stands out! Noonday’s way is to work with God’s creation, relying on beautiful plants that can thrive in the Central Texas environment to create stunning outdoor designs and landscaping full of layers and texture. Because we create natural art that is visibly different from the uniform layouts of traditional landscaping, our designs explode with balance, color and creativity. For us, outdoor design is not a two dimensional drawing, but an artist’s canvas, laid out in your natural space.

About Us

Get to know our heart

Corey O'Connell Productions created a video entitled "Cultivating The Art of Nature" that we think captures the heart behind Noonday Gardens well!

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Our urban spaces can be harsh and uninviting. Consequently, gardens have traditionally been seen as a way to bring order and beauty to the chaos of the world around us. Noonday specializes in using natural methods to cultivate refreshing outdoor design. We create landscaping spaces that soften the hard city environments of Waco.


What Sets Us Apart

We Complete Your Brand

We design and install plant life that is customized to the brand you have worked hard to create. Our team is full of diverse talent with an ability to implement a variety of styles to fit your needs. Have you ever considered natural beauty as a communication channel with your clients?

We Create Your Atmosphere

We want your business to turn heads! We use plant life to draw in and entertain your customers. Elevate the look and feel of your business with custom outdoor visual design. Your customers care, and you can give them another reason to love you.

We Take Care of the Process

We offer the highest quality and attention to detail for the entire process, from designing, planting, to maintaining. Delegate this to us, and we will take it off your plate. We do more than install your design, but we can preserve your investment through our maintenance contracts, giving you peace of mind and consistent support.

We Are Your Personal Designer

Our clients enjoy having expert help. Enjoy a personalized landscape design for your home that will bless your family and impress your guests. Let us help you love the process as we dream for your space together.

We Make your Vision Come to Life

We specialize in artistic landscape design that stands out from the rest. Together, we find the style that makes our clients' hearts jump. We utilize hard-to-find plant varieties and creative arrangments. Height, depth, texture, and color are all crafted to maximize the visual impact of the design.

We are Your Green thumb

Too often do we hear the phrase "I always kill my plants!" For this reason, we offer maintenance contracts to meet the ongoing needs of your garden. We have varying levels of support to match your needs and budget.

Cultivating the Art of Nature

Experience Simplicity


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